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Hey Friend,

Since 2009 I have been doing Internet Marketing Full Time, after achieving #1 ranking for several Keywords, I found there are some few basic things which bring any ordinary website as an extra ordinary performer.
People Think That SEO Is Hard Or That It Takes A Long Time
I’m Going To PROVE That’s NOT Truth!
These Factors were so dead simple step by step process that any one can follow and achieve same kind of results if they took a little bit time to learn it.

But my friend before I go ahead I want to make sure I am talking to a right person..so if any of scenario applicable to you, then you can consider my offer and get in, hope this make sense ?.. :D

As I told you I was running link building services since 2 years, so while working with so many different clients, I have Discovered there were few basic things which were helping successful people to make more money without investing fortune, on the other hand newbie’s were struggling for few sales and spending money like hell.

 I have identify few common cases lets go with one by one so you will know why should you listen me and what I can do for you…:D

Newbie’s asked me
My Website Doesn’t Rank
Regardless How Many Back Links I do ?
I have seen there were so many newbie’s who were consistently working hard, They were consistently building 100’s of backlinks through various link building techniques like article directories submission, blog networks (UAW,Linkvan,FTS etc.), profile creation, blog comment bla bla bla

 you name it any method, and I was surprise to see they have already implemented it, but there was something missing, or I can say there was one  major factor missing that is why they were not getting any results or desired result….

After going so many clients website manually, I have discovered   a common problem in all Websites, which surprised me as well, You Know What ?

!!! On Page SEO Were Missing !!!
I couldn’t believe they were throwing there hard earn money with so many so called seo Guru’s or Firms without knowing basic seo lessons, and this was happening due to two reasons

  • Lack of Knowledge or
  • Partial knowledge

Innocent Newbie’s were not aware about basic stuff, so either they are not able to do it himself, that case they outsource stuff but they can not check whether outsource stuff is done correctly or not.

On the other I found second kind of people who has bit glimpse of things but they were not aware about how to do it correctly and I must remind you here
Lack Of Knowledge Is Dangerous,
But Partial Knowledge Can Kill Your Business…
For these two reasons they were throwing their hard earn money to those people who were just doing the work they paid for..I mean I am not telling every service provider is fraud .. !!!NO!!!

I respect all fellow service providers but they do only that stuff for what they got paid..for example if you pay me for link building service I will do only link building stuff, which is not going to deliver fast results in case your site is not optimize correctly.
But How Do You Know? Your Website Is Perfectly Optimize For Any Keyword Or Key Phrase?

The only way to find out this stuff is, either trusts someone who has enough knowledge and he is willing to help you as well, (Doesn’t matter free or paid way.)

Or you need to educate yourself, for this simple stuff, and I assure you after going inside of member area you will surprise to see, Learning On page SEO lessons are not a magic lamp or things from heaven, you can do it as well, or at least you can educate yourself so you could outsource this important task with required knowledge.

I Am Too Newbie For SEO,
I Don’t Know How People Are Ranking So High?
Now seo is not a rocket science my friend, It’s simple and easy to under step by step process which you can do easily. I have created a place where you can learn this process within a week or two week with help of clear explanation and how to videos

I have break down whole process in simple language, so you can understand each concept at first reading, here is exactly what I am going to help you with.

To Be Honest I am not going to give you any hidden lessons or magic lamp which can bring you top of any search engine but my friend I can promise you to give you pure information which is well tested and working for 100’s of successful marketers.

This information is going to build up your base of internet marketing, and on basic of this information you can build up a real online business which can help you in improving quality of life.

Customer can Change your life if you know how they think – Get Inside of Customer Mind under customer purchase cycle
Learn on page seo-Customer Purchase Cycle
Learn On Page SEO- Module #1
Basic Guide to On page optimization
Inroduction: Basic Get together with On page seo Concept and why you should do it

Learn On Page SEO- Module #2

Soul of seo Business, if you don’t do it correctly then you are heading for losses.
Site Title | Page Title | Tags | Descriptions | Anchor Text

Learn On Page SEO- Module #3

Take your seo effort to next level with working on these seo lessons.
Headlines Tag | Contents | Relvancy | IMG ALT | Keyword Density
Learn On Page SEO- Module #4
Linkvolicity|Quality of links |Do follow VS No follow links|Contextual links|Inbound links VS Outgoing links (Linkjuice concept),SiteMap
Learn On Page SEO- Module #5

A Must have tool which take your business to next level
Introduction to Keyword tools
Learn On Page SEO- Module #6

Keywords | Meta Keywords | Meta Descriptions

Learn On Page SEO- Module #7
LSI Keywords | Longtail Keywords

Benefits To Get This Offer
Reduce outsourcing cost and Get Quality Service from outsourcing team.- as you can see when you educate yourself, and learn basic stuff, then surely its going to reduce your outsourcing cost, on the other hand when you outsource your stuff to save your time, you will get quality product.(Nobody can fool you or charge you money without work.)
Increase in traffic: you Definitely see increase in traffic as you fix on page seo on your website, I am not stating your on page seo is wrong, but I have prepared this stuff to help newbie’s and I guess you are the one of them. (If No then I don’t advice you to go for this stuff, its  newbie’s specific stuff or who are completely new to on page seo, I have break down all stuff in easy way just to consider that I am working with newbie’s not with technical or experience person.)
Increase in profit: As you can see you are fixing the biggest problem which restrict struggling affiliates to become supper affiliates, so after mastering this skill you will surely see increase in your profit.
New Opportunity: As you can see you are going to get increased profit, so its obvious you will have more money and time, and these 2 big factors will open door for new opportunities, and you can take your business to next level.

Is There Anything For Me,
I Am A Complete Newbie Or Better To Say Consider It’s My First Day Of Internet Marketing Journey?
Opps  How I can forget you my friend… :D. This is for you my friend, and I must say it’s only for you, because I have have designed each module in considering my mind that I am working with newbies.
So each module is specifically design to help newbie’s, I will take you by hand to each process. All stuff explained in pdf and to support you I have included videos training sessions as well.(Its in Upcoming segment)
And Best part is I am always available for you, so whenever you need me just contact me, inside member’s Area through PM or mail.
I will be answer your queries myself. Apart from this there is surprise upcoming stuff which is going to give you a big smile. sorry friend I cant disclose all stuff here but I can promise you, this would be your best investment in IM life. See you inside Member Area.
If you are one of theme, who is really fighting for ranking, and looking for organic free traffic, this is for you my friend, as I know, In online world traffic is blood of online success and you need skills to get this blood.So my friend, Don’t hope for success just go ahead and take first step to your online success.
 My Exact Formula Which Earn's 1000’s  Of Dollars for me
And I Am Still Counting…
Learn Things + Take Focus Actions + Learn things from your mistakes + Scale up things leads to
Big Profit
then just simple Rense and Repeat All Process. Or I can say in this way as well.
Your Learning + Implementation = More Free Traffic = Reduced cost = Increased Profit Leads to
!!! Sure Success !!!
$47 Only
#### Additional Benefits####

Its not an E-book or software  product, It is going to be on going learning resource for you, Don’t forget my friend it’s a membership website and I am allowing you for whole one year membership as you enter in member area,
you will see list of upcoming things I am going to cover, and you will see great value of money when you see the amazing upcoming stuff for this membership site. Its just a beginning my friend, I am going to update this site each week. You will keep receiving new stuff for next whole one year.

Money Value For This Offer.
8 Ebooks which deals on SEO Basics
It is going to reduce your seo cost. Or I can say you can completely eliminate your seo cost if you decide to do it yourself with this new information and training you receive.
20 Videos which gives you details training to build up your own money making website, so its going to save your website building cost as well.
This product is surely going to reduce your off page seo cost. As you can see you will get organic free traffic due to on page seo, so it will surely reduce link building cost.
It is going to increase your organic free traffic so on the other hand it will reduce your ppc or traffic generation cost.
If you outsource this stuff then you suppose to pay VA cost but after learning you can do these small seo changes yourself so surely its going to save your VA cost as well.
My One of one on going support included with this wso (one of the best thing I can offer in such a low price.)
And best value of money is, you will change the group from struggling markers to earning affiliates who are actually making money.

And Don’t forget my friend. its a membership website which is going to update each week so you will have constant supply of new information which is going to take your business on next level.
So what you are waiting for Get your Sit Now Before I changed my mind to increase price..LOL

One Year Full Updates included with this offer and My Free Consultation and support included with this special offer.
$47 Only
Buy Now


P.S: I reserve my rights to take this offer down anytime, or modify all terms and service without giving any prior notice.
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